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 What version of PCE am I using?

What version of PCE am I using?

The version of PCE currently installed on your server and available to clients can be easily read from the 'Licence and Version Details' page within PCE Console.

To access this page, log in to PCE Console as an 'admin' or equivalent.

Select the 'System Options' menu and then 'Licence and Version Details' option.

It is also possible to view this page by clicking on your 'Account ID' (shown in yellow) on the main PCE Console screen.

The lience details will be displayed in the viewing pane.

PCE version installed on your server and available to clients is shown. Note that not all clients may have upgraded to this client version yet. Information on client versions physically active is available from the 'Active Client' menu option below the 'Licence and Version Details' selected.

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