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 PCE Support Suite F.A.Q

PCE Support Suite F.A.Q

1. Why have you started to use SupportSuite?

We have been using  Kayako SupportSuite and LiveResponse to support our CyberSentinel customers for over two years and have been very impressed with it. It allows us to keep track of support incidents, standardise replies and also create a better Knowledgebase of common questions and answers.

2. Does this mean I cannot phone when I have a problem?

If you do call us with a new or previously unannounced issue then we will ask you to create a support 'ticket' on this website first. This helps to prioritise our services according to need as well as ensure we have accurate information when responding to you. It also ensures you have a unique traceable reference for your enquiry.

3. Will someone call me back? and if so when?

Depending on the content of your ticket, you will receive a call back or email response as soon as possible. This will be to the number (including mobiles) and/or email address you entered in the ticket submission. However, if an email reply is the best response (for example, you asked for a download link) then this will be used instead. Either way, it will be prompt.

4. Can I call about an existing ticket?

Yes, please do. You may even be asked to call from a reply you have received to a ticket. Just quote the ticket number or person who has replied to you when you call.

5. When is my ticket 'closed' ?

When you tell us it that it is or if there has been no response from you after 60 days. We do not pro-actively close tickets.  However, if we are waiting for confirmation of resolution or some imput from you, your ticket will be marked as 'Waiting Customer Reply'. If we do not receive a response to the ticket after 60 days then the call will be closed.  Of course during this time we will pro-actively seek a response from you. Ticket status can be changed by just replying to any email sent regarding it.

6. I like to deal with the same person. Can't I just call and ask for him?

You are welcome to call, but you will be asked to create a ticket first. This is to ensure that your enquiry is logged correctly for the reasons in (2) above. It also makes it easier pass your query to other staff when that person is not available.

7. Does this mean you have or are planning to 'sub' (contract) out Support?

Not at all. You will still deal with the same staff as before. We hope to expand our team going forward and Support Suite will make it easier for any new arrival!

8. Sometimes I see a page that talks about CyberSentinel when my problem is related to PCE. Why is this?

Because Support Suite was originally used just for CyberSentinel and we have now included PCE, some of the links and pages may still point to CyberSentinel or contain some CyberSentinel content or layout. We apologise for this and will resolve as soon as we are made aware of it.

9. I would like to contribute a Knowledgebase article. Can I do this?

At the moment, you cannot publish your own Knowledgebase articles but we would be most grateful for any content that you can send to us (support@forensicsoftware.co.uk) or use the contact page. We will then review and post it up as soon as possible (crediting you of course!).

10. What other new features will you have?

Going forward we will be making files available in the 'downloads' section and exploring the idea of email contact lists for supported customers to receive information about updates/patches etc.


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