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 Unable to connect to Update/Licence Server

Unable to connect to Update/Licence Server for over 28 days

This message may be displayed if trhere is no access to the above server for over 28 days. PCE uses this access to check for and obtain updates or licence modifications.

Attempting to access the console will show this error.

Please perform the following steps in order to resolve.

1. Ensure the PCE server has unfiltered Internet access to the following web site.


The web site displayed is shown below and it is not necessary to log in to this site. PCE server software communicates with this site.

If access to this page is blocked, it may be due to your own or other Internet filtering products. Usually the 'block' message displayed will indicate the reason and product responsible.

2. Check any proxy and port values required for access are correct. This can be performed from your Internet options page
('tools- 'internet options' - 'connections' - 'LAN settings' in IE8 or IE9).

3. Review the Step 5 'post IIS' and Step 5a 'Handler Mappings' tasks of the PCE installation process and repeat accordingly. Sometimes these changes can be reset by Windows/PCE upgrade.


This is the most common cause of licence server access errors.

4. It is possible that the proxy information (if required) stored by PCE software is now out of date and does not correspond with the values in Step 2 above. As use of PCE Console is not possible, these values must be examined in the registry.

Do not attempt this if you are uncomfortable with using REGEDIT.EXE to make changes. Please open a support ticket for assistance if required.

Select 'Start' - 'Run' from the PCE server computer itself and open REGEDIT.

Navigate to:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Security Software Systems\Policy Central\PCE Server]

Observe the settings for the ProxyURL key and amend by clicking and changing as required

5. Restart the PCE server computer and observe results. If this problem continues, please open a support ticket for further assistance.

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Article ID: 164
Created On: 20 Sep 2011 4:13 PM

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