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Support Center » Knowledgebase » Bypassing local Proxy / CachePilot Device Authentication
 Bypassing local Proxy / CachePilot Device Authentication

Bypassing local Proxy / CachePilot Device Authentication to allow PCE Client Communication

If there is a local Proxy or 'cachepilot' device on the LAN that requires some form of authentication before external Internet is allowed.
This will stop PCE Client from starting and halt any form of communication between client and PCE server.

If such a device is in use, the user is often presented with a logon page immediately on starting an Internet Browser.

Once credentials are entered, access to external Internet content is allowed.

The solution to this problem is to configure the device to allow access to the PCE server URL without requiring authentication.
This is usually performed within the administrative program for the device itself.

The following instructions show typical configuration for an Equiinet Cachepilot. The process will vary between devices.

Access the web-based administrative tool for the device from your Internet Browser.

Select 'User accounts' and 'Groups' to display the list of groups set up within the device.  In the example above, there are
'global' , 'pupils' and 'staff' groups which will need to be modified.

Select 'Edit' to dsplay the configuration page.

Enter the URL of your PCE server to the 'exception auth domain' and 'exception domain' dialogs.

Scroll down and select 'OK' to commit the chages to the device.

Repeat this process for all other groups that require this change.

Restart your computer and the logon process will complete normally.

(Thanks to D Henson for help with this article)

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Created On: 19 Jan 2011 11:36 AM

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