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 Changing the HTTP port number for PCE client-server communication

Changing the HTTP port number for PCE client-server communication

This process is commonly undertaken when there are other web services on the server that is hosting PCE server components already using the default port 80 value. The process of changing port number involves some configuration changes at the server computer and at each existing PCE client to reflect the new value.

Note:-The steps will change the port number for all the websites configured under the 'Web Sites' tab. If there other websites that are located there but do not require a change of port then the websites used by PCE server must be created under a new 'web sites' entry. More details are provided at the end of these instructions.

Step 1 - Changing the Port value in IIS (under default web site)

Click on the start button at the server and select 'run'.

Type 'inetmgr' and press enter.

Go to 'web sites', expand the node and right click on the websites in which PCEConsole and PCEServer are configured and select properties for the same (usually default web site).

In the 'web sites' tab, enter the desired port number in the textbox TCP Port. Click OK.

Click on the start button and select 'run'.

Type 'iisreset' and press enter.

Step 2 - Changing the serverIP.INI and serverURL.INI files

Go to \\<< server install path>>\pceclient\

Open the files ServerIP.ini and ServerURL.ini with notepad.

Add :portnumber value to the existing text.

Step 3 - Changing PCE Shortcut properties

Select start  -> programs->Policy Central Enterprise and right click on 'PCE console' shortcut.

Select properties and In URL edit box change localhost to localhost:<<Port Number>>

This change may also be required for any saved entries in 'favorites' lists or shortcuts in other locations.

Step 4 - Steps to perform on each client computer

Login to PCE client machine.

Run the redirectclient from \\<<server install path>>\pceclient\ folder.


Optional: Creating New PCE websites with different port value (Windows 2003)

The steps below are used to re-create the PCE website components in a new 'web sites' tab which has a different port to that already in use. This process is undertaken where there are existing websites present on the computer (usually under 'default web site') that are in use by other IIS-based applications.

Click on the start button and select run.

Type inetmgr and press enter.

Go to Web Sites, Right click on Web Sites and select New->Web Site.

Click next on the dialog box and enter the name of PCE. Click next and enter the required port number.

Click next, it will ask for the path from where the virtual directory needs to be configured. Select the path:

 <Windows Drive>\Inetpub\wwwroot

Click next and the wizard will complete.

Right click the new pce folder and select properties.

Select the 'Documents' tab and add 'Login.aspx' as a valid content page name. Select 'OK' to confirm.

Right click the PCE folder again and select New virtual Directory. The 'New Virtual Directory' wizard will appear.

 Enter the alias as pceconsole and browse to the pceconsole folder path:

 <Windows Drive>\Inetpub\wwwroot\pcent\pceconsole

Select the following access permissions for this folder:

·         Read
·         Run Script(Such as ASP)
·         Execute (such as ISAPI application or CGI)

Click next and the wizard will finish.

Repeat this process for the pceserver folder, replacing the text and folder name as required.

Click on the start button and select 'run'.

Type 'iisreset' and press enter.

The steps 1-4 above also need to be completed.

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